Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Its all very emotional...

It’s very emotional…

So, if you think your hormones are going to go back to normal quickly, they aren’t. I cry at the stupidest of things. My boyfriend brought me a bacon and egg sandwich up to bed after a super rough night with Thomas (he ensured Thomas was OK first, obviously and took him downstairs, changed the nappy etc) and then brought me breakfast in bed.

There was even a flower in a little vase on my plate and a cup of tea. I was crying lots and he said “Hayley what’s wrong? What are you crying for? Is the egg cooked enough for you?” and my response behind all the tears was “I don’t know… *sniff* it’s perfect!”

I was also singing Ellie Goulding, Your Song to Thomas and broke down in a flood of tears.
I try and cherish the moments with him and break down in tears also.
When I look at him, I’m so filled with love, in my once cold heart that I fill up with tears.
When I cannot tackle his trapped wind (Thank god for infacol) I cry.
When something goes wrong, I cry!

When will it stop? I have no idea. I just try not to feel too vulnerable. I have just had a baby and it is all very overwhelming!

I still cannot tolerate anyone. I don’t like the thought that some people must think my baby is a doll! He isn’t a doll, he is my creation.

But these are the thoughts that go through your head.

Love Hurts….

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  1. Aww I filled up when I read this... And also laughed when he thought you were crying at the quality of the egg haha.

    The older he gets the less people will think he's a doll and he'll become all yours in the next couple of months because novelty will wear off for some people but to you he'll always be your special boy xxx