Sunday, 15 September 2013

Trapped Wind... My tips!

Trapped Wind

Apparently your new born baby won’t get colic if you’re breastfeeding but trapped wind... wow! I can tell the difference with his cry. You can hear the pain in it. Paddy is fantastic getting the wind away as he is a little more, heavy handed than I am, shall we say. (I aren’t in any way implying we are beating the wind out of him, just Thomas is Paddy’s 3rd child and my 1st)
You can use infacol ( from 1 week to 4 weeks then use Gripe Water. He associates his feed with the infacol, when I put the droplet into his mouth so it does calm him down and gets him ready for his feed. I however have a gulper and I think that’s where the trapped wind comes from. When it is gone, he is such a good, calm baby. He is content after a big trump/poo!
I am not sure anyone really knows the difference between Colic and severe trapped wind but either way it is awful.
Thomas is getting better at it now though, he is 4 weeks old tomorrow so we are having more sleep on a night time. I say we, I am having more sleep.

The things we do to help the trapped wind out of his system are;

·         Rub clockwise on his tummy with the palm of your hand
·         Hold him in-front of you and make him do a little jump, don’t shake just move up and down.
·         Lay him flat and pump his legs in and out and turn them as if he is riding a bicycle
·         Pat the wind out of him but from his bum, almost to send the bubbles upwards
·         Put him over your knee/shoulder but his belly has to be on your knee and pat/rub his back

If all fails, you can speak to your GP and use Gripe water but you have to lower the dosage.

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