Monday, 2 September 2013

What you should expect 2 weeks Postpartum C-Section - not alot!!

First 2 weeks after C-Section

I will start at day 0 which was the day of the op. Day 0 is also how the hospital class it when they say you are expected to be in hospital for 2-4 days. Essentially this means you could be in 5 days, depends how you get on.

Day 0

I came out of surgery about 10:30am and I couldn’t feel my legs until at least 15:30 and was very drugged up. I made phone calls I didn’t know I had made. I didn’t do any moving on day 0 at all. Even the nurse helped me change my pad and I only changed it twice after that, which didn’t feel too bad doing but I was in my own room so I had some dignity left!

Day 1

Catheter was removed at 6am, I had requested for them to do it as early as possible because it isn’t very nice. It’s nice not having to need a pee especially with a new baby but anyway… out it came. Didn’t feel anything. I got up out of bed, Thomas was fast asleep and I locked my door. Had a shower (keeping the dressings dry) I just showered my lady garden area because I felt really horrid due to all the bleeding, wiped my face, brushed my teeth and slipped into some ultra-massive PJ’s. I wasn’t in too much pain but it wasn’t painless. The physio came to see me and asked me what I expected to be able to do when I got home, my answer was carry my baby, get downstairs to the toilet and to be able to shower. That was all I expected myself to be able to do and that’s all you should also think. Do not say no to help! Don’t raise your expectations too high, because let’s face it, you’re not going to be able to do it!

Day 2

When the nurse came in to give me some pain relief, I asked if I could go home. She said it was fine as long as the doctor gave me the OK to do so. Which he did. Thomas had a check, I had a check the midwife gave us a bath demo (Highly recommended!) I got him dressed and we waited for my pain meds then went home.

Days 3-14

The first few days at home seem like a blur, it felt a lot like Kingscross Station. I had visitors coming round, midwives, family helping me clean etc etc. I felt happy though and Thomas was always sleeping and didn’t seem to mind having cuddles of loads of people, so I didn’t grumble.
My first bowel movement happened on the Saturday. That was a week without a number 2, and dear me… it hurt. Not only could I not do any pushing, you don’t have much abdominal strength so you need to let your body push it out. Ow ow ow!! I had to push myself up using the sink to the left of me and the bath to the right of me. I am also pumped up with iron tablets, I’m taking 3 a day currently so all I can say is, imagine TAR leaving your system! The 2nd bowel movement wasn’t much better but the 3rd was fine as I had a little more control over it (Without going into too much detail!)

My wound has been sweaty. I can describe the smell as a sweaty belly button (not very nice) but not an infected smell. I went to see the GP anyway and I was prescribed an ointment, although the GP told me it would be a gel and soak in but it wasn’t. I don’t use it much, every other day to keep a possible infection away and I put some gauze over it, as it is still airy yet catches any leaking or whatever may want to come out of it. At day 14, it isn’t healed yet but it is a lot better than it was.

Overall 2 weeks with a c-section wound and the right support haven’t been bad, because I have taken peoples advice and done a lot of reading about what could happen etc. I have also had a lot of rest and taken care of myself! I understand everybody is different but until the other half goes to work (I have another week :D) I can take advantage of the extra help around the house!

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  1. The part of that which really makes me squirm is the Catheter... do you have to have that if you don't have epidural? I'm guessing you have it because you can't feel when you need to wee...

    ouch. x